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Interested people are very welcome to contribute their own critical material – that should suit the general topic/question of the research project – to this web platform. The primary focus is on collecting texts that analyse and contrast the statements from one or more of the interviews; or papers that look at the questions and issues raised (or not raised) in the interviews to add further opinions and different angles. Especially the voices of young practitioners, students and under-represented groups are of interest in this aspect and should have the space to speak for themselves. As with the texts that are already on the web platform, it is possible to refer to the exact passages of the interviews through links, regardless of the format (video, audio, text) you choose. Links to external sources are as well welcomed.

Of course, you can also react to one of the other texts, counteract and formulate an opposing thought, or simply take up the topics addressed by another author and expand on them. All forms of media or any additional proposals are highly appreciated. Just write an email and suggest whatever is on your mind. The aim of this project is to create a dense network of information and diverse standpoints. A pool of knowledge that deals with the conjunction of architecture and the neoliberal market; if you like, ‘a beginners guide’ to a complex topic and a gateway to possible alternatives.

Find further information on ‘format guidelines’ and how to submit the paper here: Detailed instructions.

Feel free to make suggestions on who else you think needs to be interviewed regarding this topic (especially to diminish the under-representation of Asia, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe)?